October 2, 2023

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Summary of the chapters of the week 9-14 / 5 · TV news

Summary of the chapters of the week 9-14 / 5 · TV news

Monday, 9/5 (Chapter 37)
Trindade arrives at Jose Leôncio’s farm. Juma asks to leave, and Jov gets angry. Trindade explains to Tadeu and Tibério how he saved the old man from Rio. Jose Loncio is suspicious of Moda’s story. Gotha accompanies Alcides to Tapera Fri.

Fri threatens Madeleine, and Zakio tries to calm the girl. Muda talks about Velho do Rio to Filó. Gotha and Alcides see an anaconda in a canoe adrift on the river. Nayara thinks of taking revenge on Gauff. Tenório explains himself to José Leôncio and asks him about the future of his work. Trindade states that the anaconda in the canoe is the Velho do Rio.

Tuesday, 5/10 (Chapter 38)
Jose Leoncio is fascinated by the anaconda sailing in the canoe. Tenório tells Gota that he has become a partner with José Leôncio. Jose Leoncio responded to Tenório’s disdain for Tadeu. Maria Broca suspects Tenorio’s travels.

Mariana sends Goff to the Pantanal to fight for her rights. Jove announces himself to Friday. Jose Loncio suspends remittances to Jouf. Irma gets hurt by Geoff. Gustavo asks Madeleine to talk to Nayara. Zakuyo warns of the behavior of Juma and Jof.

Wednesday, 5/11 (Chapter 39)
Philo is worried about Moda and Levi. Tiberio tells Tadeu that he is considering marrying Muda.Madeleine tries to convince Goff that her son’s relationship with Juma will not work out. Gustavo Nayara advises avoiding direct confrontation with Gave.

Jove explains to Nayara that he loves Juma, and gives his ex-girlfriend permission to tell her followers that the two will still be together. Levi is jealous of Moda with Tiberius. Jose Loncio is disappointed with Tadao’s decision. Philo warns Tiberius not to monitor Moda. Tiberius Levi catches Moda’s harassment.

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Thursday 5/12 (Chapter 40)
Tiberius protects Moda from Levi.Tado heard Jose Leoncio say he shouldn’t have commissioned him to sell the bulls. Joff searches for Gustavo to find out the truth about his parents’ separation.

Goff arrives just in time to stop Mariana from sending Juma home and tells her grandmother that they are going back to the Pantanal. Tadeu decided to go with Tibério to Aquidauana to undo the bull sale without notifying José Leôncio. Juma was surprised to see Moda speaking. Jove leaves Jose Leoncio in shock when he tells his father that he has returned to the Pantanal to be with Juma.

Friday, 5/13 (Chapter 41)
Goff questions the story Moda tells to justify regaining her voice. José Leôncio commented to Filó that Tadeu has no commercial meaning. Tadeu feels victorious when he manages to cancel the bull sale contract. Tenório hides his shady deeds from Guta.Levi tells Moda that he stands up to Tiberius for his love for her.

Juma tries to convince Jove to ride a horse. Gotta is sad when he learns that Geoff is living with Juma. Juma is suspicious of Moda. Madeline refuses Nayara. Jose Leoncio was surprised by Tado and Tiberio’s performance. Trindade tells José Leoncio that he saw the image of the president in the eyes of the old man from Rio.

Saturday 5/14 (Chapter 42)
Trindade tells Jose Leoncio that the old man from Rio could be Juventino.Jose Leoncio Tiberio tells the story he lived with Generosa. The old man from Rio watching Jose Leoncio. Trinity warns Levi of Tiberius. Nayyara posts an honest message on her profile, which has repercussions on social media.

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Mariana’s employees complain about the salary.Juma tells Jof that he is free to go. Philo tells Jose Leoncio that the farmer should be grateful that he has two children who do not quarrel over the inheritance. Velho do Rio calls Goff’s grandson.Jof Juma, Jose Loncio, Moda and Tiberio were left stunned when he appeared running on a horse.

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