May 28, 2024

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Within five days, 19 markets and butchers selling expired food and other infractions were caught;  Watch the video |  Pernambuco

Within five days, 19 markets and butchers selling expired food and other infractions were caught; Watch the video | Pernambuco

Within five days, 19 marketers and butchers were arrested and fined by Procon de Pernambuco for selling food illegally. Inspectors found expired hamburgers, juice, soda, meat and yoghurt. Some items have been old since May (See the video above).

Procon’s business, which began on Monday (20), ended on Friday (24). According to the Consumer Protection Agency’s balance, 40 establishments in Grande have been inspected Recife. All irregular foods should be discarded.

Procon reported that at Mercadinho Price Extra, in Peixinhos, in Olinda, 65 packages with hamburgers that have expired since August have been found.

in Persia, in Jaboatão dos GuararapesMercadinho Nova Liberdade has had 27 outdated products, some of which are not suitable, since May. There were two 1 liter bottles of fruit juice and three 500ml bottles of Fanta Soda.

In Recife, at the Boi Verde Mais butchery, in Agua Fria, in the Northern District, inspectors found 33 kilograms of jerky ribs unfit for consumption, with no shelf life and no pricing.

We also collected 20 kilos of sardines without expiration date and pricing, as well as 400 grams of garlic bread with expired filling.

Procon inspectors in Pernambuco spotted irregularities in 19 markets and butchers in the greater Recife area – Photo: Procon de Pernambuco / Publishing

In Supermercado Soberano, in Beberibe, in the northern region of Recife, 27 expired products were found.

Frigoaves Supermercados, in Beberibe, sold the following products without the expiration date: Three packages of Friboi dried meat, weighing five kilograms; Four packages of Kadão brand baby ribs weighing 5 kilograms each, as well as eight packages of sweet grape tomatoes.

The institutions, which notified Procon through a memo, will have a ten-day period to respond. Depending on the analysis of the operations, they may pay fines ranging from R$1,000 to R$9 million.

Procon Pernambuco said that if consumers identify situations like this, they can call 0800.282.1512, send a message to Whatsapp 3181.7000 or send the complaint to [email protected].

In the second, Procon announced part of the action. TThree markets have been fined for illegally selling food in Recife.

During the inspection, the teams picked up beer, ham and mortadella with their expiration date. All products have been discarded (see video below).

Expired beer was discarded while monitoring the market

See establishments with violations

  • Sacolão Deus é Fiel supermarket – Nova Discoberta, Recife;
  • Belo Dia supermarket – a new discovery, Recife;
  • Bombresso – Avletos, Recife;
  • Varejão Ouro Verde – Cavaleiro, Jaboatão dos Guararapes;
  • Varejão Ouro Verde – Bixinhos, Olinda;
  • Mercadinho Extra Price – Peixinhos, Olinda;
  • Butcher Boy Verde Mayes – Agua Fria, Recife;
  • Frigoaves Supermarket – Piperip, Recife;
  • Sovereign supermarket – Piperip, Recife;
  • Dois Irmãos Market – Agua Fria, Recife;
  • Mercadinho Nova Liberdade – Cavaleiro, Jaboatão dos Guararapes;
  • Glória LTDA bread maker – Cajueiro Seco, Jaboatão dos Guararapes;
  • Carnes Frigorífico LTDA Prazeres Centre, Jaboatão dos Guararapes;
  • Rede União Comércio de Alimentos LTDA – Guararapes, Jaboatão dos Guararapes;
  • Santa Maria Frios Dairy – Agua Fria, Recife;
  • Cavaleiro Express Supermarket – Cavaleiro, Jaboatão dos Guarapes;
  • Atacadão da Carne – Cavaleiro, Jaboatão dos Guararapes;
  • Central Atacarejo – Cavalero, Gapuato;
  • Pernambuco supermarket – Cajueiro Seco, Jaboatão dos Guararapes;
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