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What can you buy with 350 million Brazilian riyals from Mega da Virada – Nacional

What can you buy with 350 million Brazilian riyals from Mega da Virada – Nacional

(Photo: Antonio Cruz / Aigncia Brasil)

Have you ever imagined that you will start 2022 with 350 million Brazilian Real in your account? Lots of “money” that requires a lot of planning to start spending and investing money. After all, you can buy a lot of things with all this “snoring”. And for those who are betting on Mega da Virada this year, hopes are renewed and preparing for the drawing that begins next Friday (31), from 8 pm.

For those who want to compete for the prize and have not placed bets, there is still plenty of time, as players can pick numbers until the day of the 5pm draw.

For those who already have a positive mindset and a millionaire prize, it’s time to find out what you can buy with all that money. Check out what you can buy with 350 million BRL in the year-end lottery prize in Brazil and abroad:

* Purchase of the equivalent of 16 Johnny Cay Island located in the Bahamas:

It’s the only one, you can only buy Johnny Kay. However, at its current value of $6 million – R$22 million at the current price – it will be possible for this year’s Mega da Virada winner to purchase the equivalent of 16 islands like these in the Bahamas. Can you imagine that you are the owner of great views, two beaches and clear water? A heavenly place like this!

* Buy about three Bugatti La Voiture Noires, the most expensive car in the world:

(Photo: Disclosure)

It is known as the most expensive car in the world, and there is only one unit of it in the world. But, if there are more of them, it is possible for the winner of the Mega da Virada to buy three Bugattis. This is simply the car of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest footballers in the world. The sports car was sold at a cost of $18.7 million, equivalent to 104.725,610 Brazilian reals.

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* Purchase of 74 penthouses in the largest building in Latin America in Balnerio Cambori:

Luxury Apartment Balne
(Photo: Disclosure)

Yes, winner, you can get 74 single coverage or better that equals or resembles Neymar’s coverage in the largest building in Latin America. Still under construction, each penthouse in a luxury condominium in Santa Catarina costs about R$4.7 million.

* Buying the most expensive plane in Brazil:

Owning a Bombardier Global 6000 is not for many. And the winner of the Mega da Virada can get one. The aircraft, one of the best and most expensive aircraft in Brazil, costs an average of $62 million, specifically R$350 million for the year-end lottery winner.

* Buy 2566 iPhone 13 Pro:

Apple was recently launched and one of the most expensive phones in the world, iPhone 13 PRO, worth R$13,639.12, which is what many desire. The millionaire prize winner can build an “arsenal” of these iPhones, buying about 2,566 units. Give it to family and friends, and make Christmas out of the season, right?

* Pay a year and a half of “rent” at Buckingham Castle:

If Buckingham Castle were to be rented, its monthly cost would be R$19 million. This means that the 350 million R$ winner will be able, with the prize, to spend about a year and a half in the castle. Something less likely, but such a curiosity, isn’t it?

Do not accumulate mega da verada. And if no one reaches the six tens, the prize is divided among the five number correctors. And so it is.

Bets on Mega da Virada can be placed until 5 pm on Friday (31) in sweepstakes across the country, via the Loterias Online portal and the Loterias Caixa app available on Android and iOS platforms. Caixa customers can place their bets through the bank’s application.

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