June 7, 2023

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Who left Power Couple 2022?  Find out how Elisa Wahd Allah was eliminated · TV News

Who left Power Couple 2022? Find out how Elisa Wahd Allah was eliminated · TV News

Eliza Fagundes and Hadson Nery, also known as Hadballa, have been eliminated from the Brazil Power Couple 6 This Thursday (7). The pair received only 18.17% of the vote to stay on the reality show for Records in the Circle of Democracy against Adryana Ribeiro, Albert Bressan (29.24%), Brenda Paixão and Matheus Sampaio (52.59%).

Those who were eliminated at that time had a wonderful passage through the confinement program. As usual, Hadpala got into trouble with his opponents at the Games and got comments both in and out of the Palace of Power. Brenda and Matthews were the first to be targeted by a former BBB.

Twice, Elisa’s husband nearly lost his mind, and almost never went after Matthews. The first battle between the two opponents It happened after Brenda’s boyfriend called Hadpala a sexist. “Machista is your ass,” Big Brother Brasil 20 participant released.

In another moment, Hadbala set up a hut with Sampaio after eliminating Andrea Andrade and Nahim. At that time, the former BBB provokes his opponent and orders him to do the same dance as he did at another time to provoke the disqualified couple.

“Wow your tail. You’ll swallow me, I’ll swallow you, I’ll be your nightmare, I’m coming for you, I want to see your situation for me. I’m your worst nightmare, I’ll swallow your soul, you won’t have peace,” cried a humpback as Eliza fought Brenda.

From allies to enemies

Elisa and Hadbala also forged an alliance with Caroline Menezes and Mosonzinho, but in recent weeks the pair have become bitter enemies. The rivalry began because the former Fasenda decided to forget about the problems with Brenda and Matthews and promised to change the target in the live votes.

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“He said he’s tired of the resemblance. If he’s tired of the game, he asks to leave,” Hudson was fired, nervous about the change in the then-ally’s behavior.

After discovering the actor’s intentions, the former BBB had additional evidence that the alliance was no longer the same. Upon obtaining the veto, Carol and Mosonzinho blocked Elisa and Hadbala To participate in the pairs test. “Don’t agree, I would never agree. It’s my point. Your move was just the opposite,” Hudson complained.

Days later, humpback He lost his mind and almost hit Mosonzinho. The two exchanged insults such as “a clean ass is a liar.”

When they move away from Carol and Mosonzinho, Elisa and Hydbala get closer to Brenda and Matthews. Despite the calm atmosphere, in the final stage of the match, the two clashed when they were vetoed by another pairs proof, this time by Choosing the Influencer and Entrepreneur.

“I just don’t want anyone talking, I’m going to tell everyone to turn away and take their ass. Go and take their ass,” Eliza fired.

Out in the final stage

Elisa and Hadbala left the reality show on Record with only one week left until the Grand Final. The two ended up in the House voting hot seatincluding a tie-breaking vote by Carroll and Mosonzinho, the toughest couple of the week.

“Rugero [Silva] “Be careful with this couple,” he told me. I didn’t want to pay to see I was thought,” BBB’s previous reaction when he was thrust into the risk zone.

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