June 21, 2024

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Claudia Rodriguez had the character who said:

“I kissed a lot,” he plays with a famous phrase

The waiting time is over. It is time to get rid of all this delay. Claudia Rodriguez met Adrien Bonato, his ex-manager and his new love, have spoken and are already dating. Do you think they will stop there? Real wedding plans. A sign that the first night of sleep together was appropriate.

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– Fits! (laughs) It was a great night. I kissed a lot – Adrien Bonato laughs, repeating the famous phrase of Talia, the character of Claudia Rodriguez in “Total Zorra”: – Speaking of that famous phrase, the dream came true. Everyone really wanted to kiss Talia, but she only kissed Chico Anisio. But it was a click. Now, the only person who has ever kissed, kissed so much, and truly kissed him, is me.

Claudia Rodriguez had the character who said: ‘I’ll kiss a lot’ Image: Reproduction

Laughter, as in the previous answer, was part of every interview with Extra. Adrien looks like she has her back heavy and her heart is warm. The businesswoman admitted that she loved Claudia Rodriguez in secret, for at least seven years, among the ten who worked together. But unlike the “narrow comments” over the years, they’ve never dated.

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“I had to speak several times over the years so that people would not make up non-existent situations. I lived a platonic love, but in silence. I had the impression that I loved her in 2015, when Claudia had a stem cell transplant. But I did not announce. My work Very important to me, I will never mix things up.

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It was precisely because I didn’t want to break the old saying “Where you serve bread, don’t eat meat” in March since Adrian surprised everyone by ending his working partnership with the actress. Just moments ago, Claudia Rodriguez also showed signs that she had fallen in love with her friend.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

– We were at a party and Claudia stole a kiss, a flick. I didn’t understand. She was, always very direct, said she loved me, and asked why I didn’t stay with her. Said (actress) was baffling. And then we were locked up in the house because of the epidemic, sometimes Claudine wanted to talk, until I decided to give it a try. I had trips I wanted to take and got away, and I had no contact with her to organize my feelings.

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She describes that period as the worst period of her life. From afar, in secret, he tried to follow in Claudia’s footsteps, to make him miss her. The actress, upon making the proposal, revealed that she has also lived sad in recent months. But this is in the past. The two have already taken their bags and pumpkins to Rio de Janeiro.

“We’re here together. It’s just that we’ve already had a married life, right? We just haven’t slept together (laughs). The chemistry hit. And we knew that battery. People get married.”

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