September 29, 2023

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The Central Bank issues an advisory regarding forgotten funds in banks |  National Magazine

The Central Bank issues an advisory regarding forgotten funds in banks | National Magazine

I consulted employee Daniela Melo and she was there: Confirmation that there are forgotten money in some accounts. She does not remember.

“I think it could, because I started working very early on. I probably forgot that money in 1984, at my first job. Because when I change job a few times — not so many — you end up changing banks and you may have left some money, right?” , he says.

At this point, approximately R$4 billion will be returned to 24 million individuals and companies.

The query is simple. The first step is to access the page Then enter the CPF and date of birth of the individuals; or CNPJ and the date of opening the company to legal entities. Then the system informs whether there are amounts to be received, but still does not indicate how much.

In the event that there is money to be refunded, the site informs the citizen when to return and discover the most important thing: value. On that day, you will also need to indicate how you prefer to pay: by PIX or bank transfer. The dates will be in March, After a calendar based on company anniversary or creation date. Whoever missed the appointed day will still have a new chance, the date of return.

Creating a account is free and can be done through the website or the application. Usually starting from the bronze level. To upgrade, you need to log into your account, go to “Privacy”, then “Manage Trust Seal List” and follow the instructions to convert silver or gold.

The central bank informed that those who missed the deadline and summary, do not need to worry: the money will continue to be kept. As of March 28, you can return to the system at any time and apply.

The deadline for deposits will be, on average, 12 working days. He who has nothing to get now will not lose hope. The central bank said it will open new consultation periods starting in May.

Explains Carlos Eduardo Gomez, President of the Corporate Services Department of the Central Bank.

Attention: Fraudsters take advantage of forgotten values ​​counseling to lure victims with promises For instant cash withdrawal. But this is a trap. g1 has prepared a special report on this scam, with important information for you to protect yourself. The report is in the link above, at or in the mobile application.