May 20, 2024

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Who left without limits?  Find out how the tenth spent on losing 500,000 Brazilian riyals · TV news

Who left without limits? Find out how the tenth spent on losing 500,000 Brazilian riyals · TV news

After losing all her allies in the Moon Tribe, Joza Reza has been eliminated from No Limit 6 (Globe). On Thursday’s episode (2), the Federal Highway Police officer missed the chance to win the R$500,000 prize, but stole the show with her debauchery amid the team’s flaws in logic.

“I started playing with strategy, trying to make alliances. So, I was what I was. I said all I had to say, I left with a calm heart and very happy with the opportunity. Twenty-four days here were well worth nearly two years of therapy and self-control,” Ghoza said.

The end of the police line has begun After the departure of Vanderley Ramiro. After losing another member, Tribo Sol had to recalculate its course. “We are now eight, we can’t let them match,” Ninha warned Santiago. In the assessment of Mateus Perez, Clicio Barbosa will be the next person to be excluded from the yellow team, and teacher Andrea Nascimento has warned about this analysis.

Meanwhile, at Tribo Lua, Guza decided to forget about friction and get on with the game: “We live in very tense moments and we had to reinvent ourselves. Part, we won’t.”

Proof of Excellence

In response to a question from Fernando Fernandez, Tribo Sol members said they have focused on their skills and intend to think strategically in order to regain victories. At Tribo Lua, the answer was that its members live “on the edge of the abyss,” according to Rodrigo Moraes.

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In this circuit, all participants had to cross a tightrope, collect cubes, pass obstacles and, in the end, assemble a tower with cubes. The Lunar team was able to tackle the tightrope with more agility, while the Solar Team members faltered at the start of the challenge.

The tribes were practically linked at the end of this stage, but Tribo Lua took advantage of this small advantage and managed to win the challenge. “We realized they had been kicked, and they were still trying to breathe and move. At this moment we have to deliver the knockout blow,” Ibujukan Okaru warned.

On the solar side, the survivors sparkled in the peace and love of Dr. “It generates quite a bit of annoyance among us, and I think it is important because it is a nuisance to direct the energy,” Philosophy Flavia Assis.

Peres even recalculated his path and sought to strengthen alliances with Flavia and Lucas Santana. Observing this movement, the educational director performed a square dance: “I certainly did not want to do that, I was very tired and exhausted. But I understand that for the social and strategic game you have to be a part of things.”

Immunology test

In this circuit, participants were trapped in a rope and had to cross a series of obstacles to get rid of the ropes. At the last stage, the participants needed to assemble a pyramid that would guarantee victory.

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For Tribo Sol, Ninha had an advantage at the start of the race, which was wasted by Santana, Flavia and Andrea. However, the Moon Tribe was unable to enjoy this advantage, and tied the Sun side with opponents. At the time of assembling the pyramid, Perez, Barbosa and Pedro Castro were more slender and won the victory.

“Tribo Lua has a huge shortage of person to finish things with logical reasoning. Unfortunately, we are strong, agile and stupid,” Guza sneered upon seeing the team’s defeat. The police officer took advantage of the calm atmosphere to mock Moraes: “You are an engineer, you build submarines and you cannot build a pyramid.”

On the yellow side, the victory seemed to knock out the group, which was on its way to losing streak. Peres sets out to cook with other men, in order to promote harmony with women. Ninha and Andrea highlighted, however, that friendship and play are two different things. Meanwhile, Castro admitted that he feels threatened.

write-off gate

Fernandez sparked a spark in the blue group, and participants talked about their flaws in the logical reasoning part. In the voting, Guza received six votes and was disqualified from the program. The policewoman asked Bruna Negreska not to cry and warned: “You already know what to do.”

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